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Download Dash Cam Travel — Car Camera For PC – Windows 7/8/10 And Mac

A dash cam is a small, inconspicuous camera that mounts to your car’s dashboard and continuously records video of your drive. A travel dash cam is the perfect way to document your road trip adventures, capture scenic views, and have a visual record of your travels in case of an accident.

A travel dash cam can also be a valuable tool for recording footage of hit-and-run accidents or other incidents on the road. If you’re looking for a reliable, high-quality dash cam to document your travels, look no further than the Dash Cam Travel by Car Camera.

The latest Dash Cam Travel — Car Camera for PC has come up with a few updates that are better than the previous version. Want to know those? Here are they:

Dash Cam Travel — Car Camera Andorid App Summary

DashCam Travel has developed the Dash Cam Travel — Car Camera for Android. You can find it under the Auto & Vehicles category on Play Store. Since its inception, Dash Cam Travel — Car Camera has got over 227303+ users on board. For the user rating, it is currently holding a 3.8 rating and the latest version of it is 2.1.2 (0901)

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The latest update of Dash Cam Travel — Car Camera is Sep 2, 2022 for phones. You can’t use it on your PC directly. So, you have to use an Android emulator like BlueStacks Emulator, Memu Emulator, Nox Player Emulator, etc.

No worries, we will discuss the methods to run it on your computer using the emulators whether you use a PC or Mac. Follow the methods we’ve discussed below.

Dash Cam Travel — Car Camera App Overview and Details

Take advantage of your phone’s high-end camera with the Dash Cam Travel – Car Camera, Blackbox app. It’s a user-friendly high-performance on-board Dash Cam which replaces a common car camera.

The Dash Cam is very important to save photo and video from traffic accidents, providing evidence for insurance or interesting moments. The Dash Cam is the most objective eyewitnesses on the road.

5+ years with you, 180+ updates and 1 000 000+ of videos recorded. That’s app Dash Cam Travel – Car Camera app, Blackbox

 • The foreground recording.
 • The foreground recording including on-screen information.
 • The background recording. You can display the navigation or turn off the screen.

4K, 2K, FullHD, HD, VGA.
Timelapse 2x, 5x.
Infinity focus – not focusing on the windshield.
Camera selection: some devices allow you to select a camera with a wide-angle lens.
Video recording: portrait/landscape mode, including/excluding sound, front/back camera.

See the recorded route in Google Maps with a graphical speed layer.
See the maximum speed, altitude, etc in Google Maps.
See the place of taking a photo in Google Maps.

Select which information will be displayed: speed, gps, street address, Google Maps, buttons, sport mode, inclinometer, etc.
Custom text. Suitable for license plate or car name.
The information on the screen will be included in the recorded video.

Record in a loop and save space on your phone.
Length limitation: off / 1-60 min.
Limit number of recordings: off / 2-30.
Just 1-click to save permanently the record from the loop.

Keep video recordings on the device for only N days and save space on your phone.

Auto-Start/Stop conditions
 • activity “in vehicle”,
 • speed,
 • power supply,
 • internet,
 • AUX,
 • selected bluetooth device,
 • navigation.
Auto-Start action
 • only notification,
 • background video recording,
 • foreground video recording,
 • foreground video recording including on-screen information.

1-click to launch video recording from the home screen.

Record current, average, and maximum g-force, acceleration and braking in time on the screen.
 • 0 – 30 MPH / 50 km/h
 • 0 – 60 MPH / 100 km/h
 • 0 – 125 MPH / 200 km/h
 • 0 – MAX MPH / MAX km/h
Braking from current speed to 0 MPH / km/h.
Show deceleration and track length.

Record the car pitch and roll.

🔧 EXPERT SETTINGS – for experienced users
Can be used for non-standard devices.

Take a photo while video recording.
Simple structure of folders and files by date and time of creation.
Photos and videos are tagged.
Photo / video sharing on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google Drive, Dropbox, …
Screen lock.
YouTube Auto-Upload to your channel.
Perfect user interface. Large buttons.
Compatible with Android 11.
Languages: 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 🇨🇿 🇩🇪 🇫🇷 🇭🇺 🇭🇷 🇮🇹 🇵🇱 🇵🇹 🇷🇺 🇪🇸 🇹🇷

💳 PRO (in-app purchases)
All PRO features are available for FREE for a limited time.
You can try everything before buying.
Purchase removes the time-limit.

Some capabilities can be limited by your device’s hardware and Android version.
Dash Cam does not work with external USB cameras.

🌐 Web + FAQ

🌐 Instagram

🌐 YouTube

✉️ [email protected]

Drive safe with the Dash Cam Travel – Car Camera app, Blackbox ✅

Dash Cam Travel wishes you a Happy Journey ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Features of Dash Cam Travel — Car Camera for PC

 • schedule,
• bluetooth connection,
• NFC tag.

– User-friendly high-performance on-board Dash Cam
– Saves photo and video from traffic accidents
– Object evidence for insurance or interesting moments
– 3 video recording options
– 4K, 2K, FullHD, HD, or VGA video
– Timelapse 2x, 5x
– Infinity focus
– Camera selection
– Video recording in portrait/landscape mode
– Includes/excluding sound
– Front/back camera
– Video/photo location tracking
– See recorded route in Google Maps
– See maximum speed, altitude, etc. in Google Maps
– See place of taking photo in Google Maps
– Select information to display on screen
– Custom text
– Information on screen included in recorded video
– Auto-loop recording
– Length limitation: off/1-60 min.
– Limit number of recordings: off/2-30
– 1-click to save permanently the record from the loop
– Automatic deletion of old files
– Auto-start/stop conditions
– Activity “in vehicle”
– Speed
– Power
– Schedule
– Bluetooth connection
– NFC tag

Install “Dash Cam Travel — Car Camera” on PC: Windows 10/8/7 & Mac

Installing Dash Cam Travel — Car Camera on your PC won’t seem a big deal as it’s now, but only if you use NOX app player on your computer. It’s one of the most popular Android emulators you can use today. Let’s get you through the process of how to install Dash Cam Travel — Car Camera on your PC using NOX:

  • First off, you need to download the NOX player on your computer from here and install it by double clicking the installer.
  • The installation will take a few minutes depending on how fast your PC is. Then, click on launch and run the emulator.
  • Inside the emulator, you can see the Google Play store icon on the top right corner area. Click on it.
  • Play store will ask you to log into your account. Here, use your Google email and password to log in.
  • Then, you can see the play store interface. On the search bar, you need to type Dash Cam Travel — Car Camera and hit enter to search for it.
  • Once the results come up, you can see the Dash Cam Travel — Car Camera as the first result. Hit install under this result and it will download and install on your PC.
  • After installation, you can launch the app from the shortcut button or directly from the Play store form the Open button.
Dash Cam Travel — Car Camera App Specification

App Name:

Dash Cam Travel — Car Camera On Your PC

Devoloper Name:

DashCam Travel

Latest Version:

2.1.2 (0901)

Android Version:


Supporting OS:

Windows,7,8,10 & Mac (32 Bit, 64 Bit)

Package Name:





Auto & Vehicles

Updated on:

Sep 2, 2022

Get it On:


Whats New In this Dash Cam Travel — Car Camera?

💡 New: Information like storage path, number of folders, videos, photos and free size at the top of the Play screen.
🛣️ New: Action menu at the bottom of the Record screen.

🔧 Fix: Small performance improvements.
🔧 Fix: Auto-Start: navigation detection.

👉 Stay tuned, new features are coming soon 🤩

Meanwhile 👉 try recording and sharing acceleration, braking and skidding ✌️

🚗 DashCam Travel – Your Car Camera 📸


This is a great Dash Cam Travel – Car Camera application that can be used to record your travels. It is very user friendly and has a lot of features that can be very helpful. The quality of the recordings are very good and it is a great way to document your travels.

So, did you find the guide on how to download the Dash Cam Travel — Car Camera for PC above? If you did, or if you have any questions regarding it, do comment and let us know. We’re here to help.

Recent Dash Cam Travel — Car Camera Reviews

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Aug 14, 2022

Love this app BUT, it always crashes, it will just stop for no reason, sometimes it keeps recording after I stop it, but the worst is how freaking hot it runs. We can’t use it in some cars because it will just get too hot, even with the ac blowing directly on it! I want to love it but those things, among others make it wY too frustrating to use.

ACNPEu9KeOQzbgyZz ydZonwC7g vHpE3j94 0eip7z2zQ4=s64

Nate M.

Jun 9, 2022

So many good features there’s no room here to list them. Good for short drives. But on long drives your storage space can fill up and it stops recording. It overheats your phone on a sunny day though there are workarounds for that. If you want to record w/ info overlays on it, it’s just recording your screen including your naughty messages that pop up. The developer improves it and fixes flaws and has been diligent in trying to solve an issue with it interfering with another app.



Jul 11, 2022

It will scrap an entire hour of recording if the phone goes low battery. A solution would be auto-saving in slices. Imagine that you have a car accident. You get pulled out, but your phone goes low battery before anyone can finish the recording and you lost all of the evidence. If we fix that one thing, I will change my review to a solid 5* app!

ALm5wu00 LQONjGmssocbF5ZnXOs9OhL6IHSILt1M4VH=s64

Pablo Rodriguez

May 11, 2022

Why I don’t get pro. I need it to record 24/7, when it runs out o space, stops. Never erase the oldest videos, 3 day oldest. 50 % of the time at night, stops recording and is when I need it more. When you have something the u need to share, cannot get a piece of the video and share the hole video is impossible. Hope they fix it. Thanks Yes I did. 15 minute loop and delete after 2 days, don’t work at all


Nir Arad

Jun 25, 2021

Highly recommended! This app is exactly what I was looking for in a DashCam: auto record (start and stop), and upload to my YouTube account. On top of that, the wealth of options is mind boggling – literally every thing you can think of! After finding it, I was so impressed with the feature set that I immediately purchased the ultimate version. And then I found a bug: when I enabled recordings with graphics on my Samsung phone with Android 11, the sound would not record. I reported this issue to the developer, and lo and behold: they released a new version which fixes the bug. Now it is definitely my ultimate dash cam!

A Google user

Feb 24, 2020

I’m not one to reveiw apps but this one I want too. it really is a good app. giving you a bunch of options for recording, what shows on the screen, when it start and stops, what Camara records. there is sooo much here. you can have the screen display your current location and everything. I have it so as soon as it connects to the Bluetooth in my car it starts recording. wich is perfect. i just wish there was an option to record the last 30 seconds or so. instead of always recording. thank you

A Google user

Oct 18, 2019

I’m using the free version as a kind of insurance if anything happens during my commute. The free version is easy to use and records in the background. I’ve taken off a star because of an annoying issue. This app takes a lot of battery and heats up the phone like no other app. Sometimes Android decides the phone is too hot and shuts down recording. But it actually keeps recording and I can’t stop it inside the app and can only stop it by force stopping it. This is not hard but is annoying.


nick “zero904” havlin

Jun 2, 2020

Just bought it and so far looks awesome. Just going through some of the settings and see “auto stop – speed 0” is there a delay to the stoppage, or will it stop everytime I come to a redlight or stop sign? I would like to turn this feature on incase I’m involved in an accident and forget to stop the recording or can’t. I like the idea of setting up the loop record so it doesn’t store a bunch of videos taking up excessive data storage, but if something was to go wrong it may be overwritten.

A Google user

Jan 8, 2019

UPDATE When I first installed the app, the video was fuzzy. Tomas was very quick on giving me something to try which was changing the focus from infinity to continuous video. That resolved that problem. Very sharp and clear video now. Other issue I had was when trying to play the video, It kept wanting to open my wavplayer app. Again, Tomas quick to help me get my issue resolved. So far it works very good. Much better than some of the others I tried. Highly recommend.

ACNPEu 7zHtnFWTiKEJbHpz003Abfn9CPtGisCH8zjv0VQ=s64

Dallas Wynn

Mar 17, 2021

After researching dash cams that also record speed, I decided to search for an app that would do the same. I am glad I found this app! It works perfectly, I paid for the Pro account which allows for overlay on video, and now feel confident I will have a record of my journeys if one is ever needed. Now, if an untrustworthy LEO or reckless driver causes an issue, I have the proof I need to challenge it in court. Highly recommended, it literally saved me hundreds.


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