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With the Life360 app you can always keep track of where your kids are and they can quickly send you emergency alerts if needs be. You can follow your kids on a map and thus easily see where they are exactly. Granted, your 15 year old will protest against this, but your 5 year old will probably have no objection (if he does, bribe with cookies). 

The creators also have made an application to track sex offenders in your neighborhood, which works with the same service. Registration is free, so is the tracking and locating. Certain features, such as "on demand" location for non-smarphones, and tracking with a special GPS device, are paid services. 


  • Keep track of your children through GPS
  • send and receive emergency alerts
  • see where your family members are on a map

official page of the life360 app


Registration, family GPS tracking, check ins and panic alerts are free

Sex offender monitoring is free

"On demand" location for non-smartphones is $4,99 / month

Tracking with special GPS device is $100 one time purchase of the device and $10 / month to track

Scan barcode to download

360 app download

(how can I use my android phone to scan barcode and download?)

Life360 android app review

We do our best to search out the best android apps for our visitors, but nothing beats a couple of pointers from other people who've used the app. Therefore, if you have experience with this app, a short comment or review about your user experience would be greatly appreciated by us and people that are interested in this app.

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0 #1 Kyle Eberly 2011-06-21 20:54
Hey Everyone! I'm the Community Manager for Life360. I wanted to let you know a little more about the Family Safety app.

The app and tacking is always free on iPhone and Android. Costs only come in when using non-smartphones and GPS trackers.

Besides staying connected throughout the day, another way users have found the app helpful is through natural disasters. The Life360 app is able to notify your family of your GPS location and that you are safe even when phone lines are jammed. This has helped give families a peace of mind in recent tornadoes and flooding in the Midwest.

If you're already using the app, we'd love to hear your thoughts and how you use it. If you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, let me know when you do! We're always looking to improve it for you. If you have any questions let me know!

You can find me on Facebook.com/Life360, Twitter.com/Life360, or email me at
0 #2 Debbie 2011-07-09 00:15
Who else can see my family's whereabouts besides me? Is this info available to everyone?
0 #3 Kyle - Life360 2011-07-11 20:06
Hey Debbie! My name is Kyle, Im the Community Manager from Life360.
To answer your question, all the information on your Life360 account is completely private and safe. Only people in your family channel may see your location or the location of other family members.
In other words, you must say who gets to see in the information.
I hope that helps! If you have any other questions feel free to contact me at
0 #4 David Thomas 2011-08-09 13:07
Data about missing child is very frightening since on an average, one child is reported missing every 40 second. Now parents really need a solution which can tell exact location of their child whenever they want. eSafe GPS Child locator is one such child safety devise, which is small, lightweight and easy to carry. It provides turn by turn location update every 30 seconds and allows parents to monitor their kids using cell phone or via internet. You can also create customize SafeSpots at home, School or any specific area and get alerts when your child leaves those designated area.
0 #5 ross 2011-12-28 21:28
I recently downloaded this. My daughter (15) has an Iphone but tracking does not update to my phone (android) unless she opens the app. And I cannot get it to update her position unless it is actually open and running on her phone. Ex. She went out of town for a day. Three days after she returned, life 360 still positioned her out of town. I tried to get an updated position but it would not let me.... until she went into her phone and opened the life 360 app. Why?
0 #6 Charles 2011-12-30 16:59
Ross - Yes the application must be running for her position to be tracked.
With an iPhone, your location will update each time the phone detects movement as long as it is 3GS or later and has IOS 4 installed. If it is an earlier version of the phone, the app will update every few seconds as long as the app is open. Earlier versions of the iPhone do not allow apps to run when closed.

For the iPhone that is not updating, make sure LOCATION SERVICES is turned on for Life360. If it is, then RESET THE LOCATION PROMPTS. To do this:

1) Open up SETTINGS
2) Go to GENERAL
3) Click on RESET
5) Then, when you open the app again, you will be asked if you want to allow Life360 to use your location.
0 #7 Terry 2012-01-06 17:06
I have the HTC Trophy. A Windows Phone. Is it available to be tracked by GPS with this App?
0 #8 Kyle - Life360 2012-01-07 19:22
Quoting Terry:
I have the HTC Trophy. A Windows Phone. Is it available to be tracked by GPS with this App?

Hey Terry, the app is currently only available for iPhone and Android users. However, other phones can be tracked through their phone number. You can email for more help!

Life360 Community Manager
-1 #9 Kevin 2012-02-01 07:57
How can I stop someone from using this app on me
+2 #10 Charles 2012-02-01 18:29
Kevin - If you have the app on your phone, log out or delete it to stop your location from updating. If your phone number is being tracked, send a text message from your phone saying NO or STOP to this phone number: (510) 922-0097. This will prevent your location from being updated.
0 #11 Rajesh 2012-02-07 14:39
Does your app only works for US numbers and only family members with US phone can be added?
0 #12 Charles 2012-02-07 19:15
Rajesh - The app will track you anywhere in the world. If your family member has an Android or iPhone, have them download the Life360 app and log into your account. This will allow you to continuously track them. However, our paid ($4.99/month) Update service only accepts US phone numbers. I'm sorry the phone call/text service does not work outside the US. We hope to expand our services to other countries, but negotiations with carriers take quite a while.
+1 #13 Nikki 2012-02-24 16:53
I'm looking for app to keep track of my wayward teenager. However, if all he has to do is close the app (or send a STOP txt message to your phone number) then I'm guessing Life 360 is not going to work for our family? We need a way to track him w/o him being able to hide or disable it. Advice?
0 #14 Charles 2012-02-27 19:59
Nikki - You are correct. With Life360 if the teenager would turn the phone off or log out of the application their location would not update. We at Life360 also believe in transparency or the knowledge that everyone knows they are being tracked. We do not allow people to be tracked without their knowing.
+1 #15 Wiz 2012-03-21 02:48
If i log out can the person tracking my phone know that i am logged out and intentionally know im avoiding them tracking me or will it just show my last know location.
0 #16 Charles 2012-03-22 15:13
Wiz - If you are logged out of the application the other user would not know that you have done so. They will only see your last known location.
+1 #17 Tim 2012-04-03 17:34
I live in North Carolina. Usually the app shows where im at within a few miles. Last night it showed me as being in Florida. How is it possible that I am being shown 900 miles away from where I really am?
+1 #18 Sean Ratcliff 2012-04-09 10:12
hi ive just installed life 360 but when i ad people i get the same message ? "please ad valid phone number" even though the number is correct can someone please help
0 #19 Charles 2012-04-09 18:12
Tim- I'm sorry that you received such an outlier location. To best assist you with your specific account could you please contact so that we can look into the issue at more depth.

Sean- When creating an account, leave the phone number field blank. This section only accepts US phone numbers. Do the same when inviting family members to join your account. Input their email address, but leave the phone field blank.
0 #20 Mary 2012-04-14 04:15
I have my family (husband and daughter) using this app and I love it. For whatever reason, I notice that something has changed this week. When I clicked on either my husband or daughter's location, it doesn't show the address, only a series of numbers showing latitude and longtitude. What do i need to do to get the address back?
0 #21 Shakerra 2012-04-16 15:49
i have an iphone 4s. there are times when i don't want everyone knowing where i am. can i use this app and not have my kids knowing where i am 24/7?
0 #22 DB 2012-04-17 14:21
Why did I receive a PHONE CALL from 415-390-5749 (in addition to numerous text messages) when a relative put my # in her app? It was the middle of the night and I did not answer. There was a recorded message that apparently began before the greeting finished, so I only heard some numbers. I fiercely guard my privacy and I don't appreciate this at all!
0 #23 Kelsie 2012-04-17 22:24

I'm sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. We work with a mapping provider to show the street address of your location. The map provider is having difficulties at the moment and is unable to give us the exact street address. Instead of showing "Unknown" for the address, we show your Latitude and Longitude. We are working with the map provider to fix this as soon as possible. Thank you for using Life360.
+1 #24 Kelsie 2012-04-17 22:29

The application is built around all family members being able to ensure that other family members are safe. With that in mind, the only times your location will not update is if the phone is off, the application is logged out, or the phone does not have a good connection with the internet. Thank you for using Life360!
0 #25 Kelsie 2012-04-17 22:31

I'm sorry you were receiving these unwanted messages. Most likely the user was trying to set up a family member to be alerted if he ever needed help and mistyped one number. Please email with your phone number and we will remove it from the account so that you should not receive further messages from Life360. You can also reply #stop to any of the text messages to add your number to our unsubscribe list.
0 #26 Amanda 2012-04-18 22:44
My daughter has a blackberry, but in a few days will be switching to an iPhone on another carrier... Will I still be able to track her location without changing anything?
0 #27 neal 2012-04-22 23:09
IM using a HTC thunderbolt and trying to track my daughters phone which is not a smartphone. She is using a lg cosmos. I've sent the invitation it her phone and accepted it on her phone, but it will not update her location not let me upgrade to premium.
-2 #28 deann 2012-06-13 22:34
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0 #29 Kristy 2012-06-29 16:14
Hi, recently for hours on end my husbands location will only say " approxiately 0 feet from" whatever address. It doesn't move. There is no colored circle to show anything. I'm worried that he is using a gps faking location program. Or has he just turned off his gps on his phone?
Thank you
0 #30 Chris 2012-08-24 16:37
Are there any plans to enable UK mobile numbers on the service?

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